Films by Kris Mileski
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This Place, Alone

A documentary highlighting the inspiring history of one small village's resistance against the undemocratic powers that be, who wish to strip it from it's most important resource, the natural springs. These springs are the life blood and spirit of the community.

That village is Vevčani, located in Macedonia near the Albanian border. The villagers overcame the odds for survival and has fought hard to maintain it's sovereignty and culture for over 1400 years.

Created by Kris and Ashly Mileski.

Featuring Nikolina Bogoeska, Mayor of Vevčani - Cvetomir Ugrinoski and Mila Kukoska.

Translated by Tracey and Zivko Mileski.

Archival footage:
“Hvala na slobodi” by Krsto Škanata, 1987
”Vevčanska lazara” by KUD Drimkol Vevčani

“Alpha Chime” by Miles Tilmann, 2006
“747” by Miles Tilmann, 2006
“Silence Await” by cdk
“Audio 01 part 3” by John Davis, 2008
"Lord, Have Mercy (Gospodi, pomiluj)" by Dr. Emiliyan Stankov, 2009

All music is Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

Special thanks to the beautiful people of Vevčani, Macedonia for their wonderful hospitality and patience with us. If in the area, be sure to stay at the Kutmicevica restaurant for a hearty meal and a welcome glass of rakija.

Filmed mostly with Magic Lantern RAW on Canon 5D3.