Films by Kris Mileski
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I'm Coming Home

An unorthodox travel video for the festive season.

Peep into the abandoned Penthouse resort hotel and casino, Haludovo Palace, on the tranquil waters of Makinska on the island of Krk, Croatia.

An ode to Tito's anti-Soviet socialist Yugoslavia - with an attempt at incorporating the "American Dream" within the developing 1970s Balkans. This former elite resort housed refugees during the 90s war. It is now completely derelict and conjures up an ominous energy of the past.

Shot with Magic Lantern RAW MLV on Canon 5D Mark III. Edited in Premiere, graded RAW with Cinelog in Resolve and mastered in After Effects.

Music by Amplidyne Effect (from "Patternized Movements" EP) - and Apache Tomcat ("Oh Happy Days")